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I am a doctor of psychological (Ph.D.) counseling and hypnotherapy, specialist drugs addicts control could cure chronic mental and physical diseases in a few sessions, possess born talent and high skill of healing power, I was recently widowed, I work in my institute, live alone and isolated, no mutual friend to share my personal matters and feelings, I am an honest trustworthy kindhearted person who respects women I never betray my wife for any matter whatever she committed, I will do my best to safeguard her, age and distance no matter, don't stingy people apply who cannot sacrifice a small money in case of a matter, not to my hand, I never asked a dollar even, all for her benefit account

What I am looking for

I am interested in loving caring an honest simple family-oriented lady, preferred doctor, pensioner, executive, business owner, another suitable partner, should have own house (not rented)