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Let's start with why I am here: I would enjoy some feminine friendship, chat time, cup of coffee, breakfast, lunch or dinner out, or a walk in the park. Something casual with someone interesting, intelligent and authentic. That is how relationships should begin Ready to meet new people! romantic, loving and loyal, honest and trustworthy, patient and easy going. Ready for a Christ centered relationship. Trusting God to lead my heart to the special woman he has chosen for me. I love to cook for my woman. Love to nurture making sure that my partner is happy and at peace with the relationship. When I fall in love, I give it my all that sometimes I forget I am special too. I have so much compassion and always ready to help others who is in need.You will find a happy, positive gentleman who is gregarious, funny, well-educated and who plays basketball twice a week. Of course I will have to tell you about my family

I am hard of hearing and wears hearing aid. I can speak but can't hear very well so I don't make phone call .would that be a problem let me know .it's hard for me to hear on the phone sometimes. I have tinnetitnus (sp)

What I am looking for

I am looking for that someone who is God loving and loves Him with passion like I do. One who is faithful and is trustworthy. I feel like I've got a second chance at happiness. I want someone who's not afraid and ready to build an awesome future. I'm looking for someone who is romantic and naturally affectionate and one who likes to hold hands while walking along the beach. Someone who loves to cuddle while watching a movie next to a fireplace with a glass of wine. I don't like party animals but I don't mind going for a quiet romantic evening of fine dining. Someone who loves to travel and enjoy sightseeing is a plus.I will like to tell you that distance does not really matter in a relationship but love count most and love is real,Love does make one smile, love knows no distance, so near, far or apart I will continue in his manner... I will like to know more of you and I will be willing to tell you about my self,and I will like to let you know that I can go to any where if I could find my soul mate,someone that I could love,trust all my life and spend my life time with and all we need is good chemistry,understanding,and trust